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Tri-Sport XL Cock Ring Clear from Oxballs. Tri-Sport XL is a bigger, extra soft rubbery cock and ball sling with 3 rings, each one a different size and curve with meatier thickness than Oxballs original TriSport: this one fits you much bigger. We made this with new softer stretchier stuff so it holds your cock and balls with more rubber for more bulge and more bone. We sweat the Big stuff when we design for your dick, we put extra thought into new ways to make you hardeach ring on Tri-Sport fits differently, you can rotate it to fit right: bigger shaft, use that ring, want more grip at the base? Rotate for that best fit, slimmer shaft there is a hole for that, biigger nut sack, choose the big hole, having a lot of holes to choose from is a good thing. Pro tip: if your nut bag is supple and hangy and you like ball splitting and super mega stretching, you can pull your nuts out of the side vent holes. How to wear: a little lube or spit, gym sweaty showering is good, stretch open the ball hole and the rear cock and ball hole, junk hole and while standing, pull Tri-Sport XL up and on over your dick and balls, hard or soft works, then release and stretch open just the ball hole and drop your sack through. Stretch the front shaft hole and push your dick through that hole. If you want to use the way we designed it for best fit, the Oxballs name is in the back under your taint and the name Tri-Sport XL is the front under your shaft. Made of our extra soft FlexTPR, it will keep the grip firm enough with a rubbery comfortable stretch, and the right grip for more play. The original Tri-Sport is one of Oxballs most popular dick toys, the new XL version does everything it does but bigger, Tri-Sport XL fits most even huge dicks and balls or pumpers, but it is a bit larger and heavier than the original. Each ring is shaped and sized for custom fit. Rubbery and bigger fits even massive junk and pumpers. Thicker everywhere for plusher rubberier harder bulge. Glossy slick FlexTPR. Side vent holes allow for pro level ball splitting. Categories: Love Rings, Cock Rings, Men’s Cock and Ball Gear, Gentlemen Cock Rings. Restricted, Amazon Restricted. 2022.

Material: TPR

Color: Clear

Barcode: 840215122537


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