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Perfect Fit Brand Stackit Sila Skin Cock Ring Clear. Anyone who has tried any of Perefct Fit Sila Skin products knows that Sila Skin has very unique properties. Ultra soft and squishy but at the same time addictive to touch and super strong. The Cruiser ring and cock and ball combo products have been favorites of sexual athletes since they were launched them five years ago. Now introducing the Stackit, made of Sila Skin, it is a compact and extremely comfortable cock ring, that is perfect for stacking and wearing for ultimate extended play or to show off your bulge under your clothes. Do not compare this with other manufactured cock rings. This is a premium product with an ultra soft feel, just as you would expect from Perfect Fit. Features: so soft, designed to wear for sexy fun. Double over for more tightness. Stackit is stack-able use a few or a lot to get more restriction. Ultra soft ideal for balls or for using as a bumper.

Material: SilaSkin

Color: Clear

Barcode: 854854005731


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