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Squeeze-It Tapered Anal Plug Purple Medium from XR Brands. Satisfy your back door cravings with this plush, squeezable, flexible anal plug! The silky smooth texture of this premium Silicone plug adds to the sensual experience you get when it enters your tight, little hole. The tapered tip makes insertion easy, however, and as long as you use a compatible water based lubricant, slipping it in is pleasurable and simple. The squeezable and flexible features of this plug make it perfect for squeezing into tight corners and curves so it is completely form fitting. Made with a blend of both Silicone and Silexpan, it is also temperature responsive! Heat it up for 30 seconds in the microwave or cool it down by placing it in the freezer to add temperature play into your back door fun! For those who want something a little different with their plugs, this plug is also strap on harness compatible and has a strong, suction cup base due to its wide flange. So, if you like to pop the tip in and bounce on the round base, enjoy this unique feature! Heat up the plug in the microwave and grab some water based lube. After spreading the lube on the toy and your back door, start to pop that plug into your dark star and slide it inside. Enjoy the satisfying fill of this flexible plug and play with popping it in and out to test your anal abilities! When you are done playing, simply wash with warm water and mild soap, then spray with a toy cleaner and wipe dry. Store separately from any vaginal or oral toys. Measurements overall length 3.7 inches, insertion length 3.3 inches, widest insertion diameter 1.6 inches. Materials: Silicone, Silexpan. Color Purple. Note: use only with water based lubricants for best results. When playing with temperature, do not expose anal tissue to extreme heat or cold. Key features: tapered tip. This smooth, tapered tip makes insertion easy for both experienced and new anal enthusiasts alike! Flexible and squeezable. Enjoy the flexible shaft that you can squeeze! It adjusts to fit any curve or tight space you put it into! Temperature responsive Silexpan. Warm it up by microwaving it for 30 seconds or put it in the freezer to cool it down for exciting anal sensations! Premium Silicone enjoy only the best materials with premium Silicone toys. This soft, plush, silky smooth plug is phthalate free and booty safe! Suction cup base and harness compatible. For those who want to keep their plug in place or use it in a harness, this toy has a wide, flanged base that is compatible with strap on harnesses and a strong, suction cup base. Categories: Anal Toys, Small and Medium Butt Plugs. 2023.

Material: Silicone, Silexpan

Color: Purple

Barcode: 848518048370


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