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Sex and Mischief Shadow Ball Crop from Sportsheets. Where power, pleasure and pain combine. Take your submissive slave to their limits and show them who is in charge with this solid Shadow Ball Crop. Its sleek handle and wrist strap makes this crop easy to wear and even easier to use when your partner needs to be shown their place. Tease their sensations as you stroke the crop from their head to toes. Intensify bedroom play with gentle taps or increase sensation with firmer swats of the solid circular tip. Materials PVC, Phthalate free Thermoplastic Elastomers TPE, Polyurethane PU, Nickel free Metal. Measurements length 17.5 inches, Ball 1.5 inches, Shaft 9.5 inches, 6.inches handle. Categories: Beginner Restraints, Bondage Crops, Sex & Mischief, S&M, Shadow. Limited Lifetime Warranty, Sportsheets will replace any defective product. If the product is not available, Sportsheets will replace it with a similar product of similar function. No video. 2022.

Material: PVC, TPE, Metal

Color: Black

Barcode: 646709099282


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