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Powerect Intimate Cream 20ml e or approximately .7 ounce from Creative Conceptions. Greater Satisfaction, Maximum Pleasure! Powererect is a specifically formulated, easy to apply topical cream made with 100% natural ingredients for men who require extra support in the heat of the moment and prefer not to take pills. Powerect can be applied and re-applied, directly to the shaft of the penis, as desired, putting the power firmly in your hands. Ready when you are: Powererect delivers rapid results, boosts responsiveness and vitality, and helps you to perform with confidence even after a night out. Enjoy peak performance and endurance from foreplay to finish. 1) Ready: Powerect is a highly concentrated topical cream so use sparingly to begin with. Start with a pea-sized amount, applied directly to your penis and gradually build up to applying it to the head and balls once you are more familiar with the feeling. 2) Steady: the feeling intensifies over time so give it chance to work before applying more. You will soon find what works best for you adding a little at a time until you reach your desired level of intensity. 3) GO! You are now ready to use Powerect whenever and wherever you want for greater satisfaction and mutual pleasure. Effects last approx. 20 minutes per application. Powerect is a unique natural multi-action formula designed for men seeking greater pleasure during intimate encounters. Powerect contains a powerful blend of traditional exotic herbal ingredients renowned to promote positive sexual health, including LArginine, Catuaba Bark, Panax Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, Muira Puama and Maca. Powerect Intimate Cream is made from Natural Ingredients. Rapidly absorbed ideal for application in the heat of the moment. Concentrated formula that is easy to apply. No prescription needed and no unpleasant side effects. Provides a positive, pleasurable, drug free experience for both partners. Creative Conceptions – Powererect. Categories: Erotic Body Lotions, Creams, Health and Beauty Aids, Massage Lotions, Creams. Restricted, Amazon Restricted. 2023.



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