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Fantasy For Her Butterfly Flutt-Her Purple from Pipedream Products incredible auto suction simulates oral sex. She tilted her head and listened carefully. No, she did not hear anything. The house was still. She smiled to herself as she reached into her side table drawer and grabbed her Butterfly Flutt-Her. She stroked the soft pleasure nubs that lined her butterfly. She grasped her Butterfly and placed the pleasure nubs against her most sensitive area between her legs, rubbing herself back and forth. Her clit awoke with the sensitive attention. She was ready to add the element of oral sex and so she pressed the suction button. Immediately she was rewarded with a titillating pulling and sucking. She held her Butterfly tightly against her clitoris and felt the suction pull on her sensitive nub, filling her with warmth and incredibly arousing pleasure. She thought to herself, why not add a titillating milking sensation? She pushed in the Air Release button over and over as her Butterfly engulfed her clitoris with intermittent suction, milking her clitoris with a pleasure she had never thought possible. She pressed on the vibration power button and added another dimension to her incredible pleasure. Ooohhhh, she pressed the vibration function button and the intensity increased, bringing her to the edge of a fluttering orgasm. She allowed the vibration and suction to spread into the depths of her sensual self. She was completely absorbed with her Butterfly Flutt-Her as her body started to quiver and she murmured breathy dirty talk that made her pulse quicken. Yes, yes, yes! She rocked the Butterfly against herself enjoying the sucking, vibration, and feeling of utter euphoria. She held her breath as her orgasm shook her entire body. Mmmmmm. She grinned. Her Butterfly was her spirit animal. It is all about Her. Size length 25.5 inches. Bulk weight 7.2 ounces. Features and functions: Phthalates free, multi-function, sucks and pumps, vibrates. Battery information AA, not included. Materials PVC, ABS plastic. Country of origin China. Kit contains Flutt-Her width 1.75 inches, height 1.9 inches. Categories: Vibrators, Clitoral, Oral Products, Sex Toys for Women. 2022.

Material: Silicone, ABS Plastic

Color: Purple

Barcode: 603912752120


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