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Tenga Adult Concept series Easy Beat Egg Lovers. Tenga Love Egg. A twisting series of intense ridges make for a wild ride! One size fits all. While it is recommended the Eggs be used only once and disposed of, if they are properly used and cared for they can actually be used multiple times! The first step is to use the Tenga Egg Lotion designed specifically for the longevity of the Egg and also your pleasure, of course. After use, rinse the egg thoroughly inside and out with warm water and a very small amount of gentle soap. Air dry. More details on using your Egg The Tenga Eggs include some of our most popular disposable masturbators! These small eggs contain a super stretchable elastomer sleeve that suits most sizes. Each design reflects the internal details so you enjoy different sensations from each! Size 1.93 inches in depth by 1.93 in width by 2.40 inches in height. Insertion length stretches to approximately 7.80 inches, insertion width stretches to approximately 2.40 inches. Weight 0.12 pound. Other specifications: stretchable material, disposable, sample lubricant included. Materials: casing polypropylene PP, sleeve Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE. Lubricant ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Polyacrylate Na, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Methylparaben. Video. Tenga – Easy Beat Lovers. Catergories: Masturbators, Masturbators, Masturbation Sleeves, Sex Toys for Men. Masturbators, Stroking Masturbators, Masturbation Sleeves. Tenga – Egg Strokers. Video. Amazon Restricted. 2023.

Material: Thermoplastic Elastomers TPE

Color: White

Barcode: 4560220551738


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