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Cleanstream Enema Syringe from XR Brands. This enormous syringe is the perfect tool for cleaning out. The metric measurements on the tube make it easy to fill with the perfect amount of your desired liquid. The tapered tip is easy and comfortable to insert for a pleasant experience. This enema syringe is compatible with both Silicone and Water Based Personal Lubricants and cleans with mild soap and warm water. Measurements: 150ml e or approximately 5.07 fluid ounces capacity. 8.25 inches in length, 2.25 inches in diameter, 1.3 inches insertion length tip. Material: ABS Plastic, Rubber. Color: White. Categories: Anal Toys, Health and Beauty Aids, Anal Douches, Enemas, Hygiene, Hygiene and Intimate Care. 2023.

Material: ABS Plastic, Rubber

Color: White

Barcode: 848518027955


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