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Bonemaker 3 Pack Boner Cock Ring Pool Blue from Oxballs. Right size for a more grip where you want it. Maximum stretch FlexTPR material fits and feels amazing and lasts. Oxballs best 3 power rings. Bonemaker 3 pack is Oxballs three best cock rings for 3X the bone. 3 ways to grip your junk or your balls or both. TruckT large is a ribbed non-roll grippy ring perfect for your junk or stacking on your balls. Do-Nut is a f*ck ring that grips tight for maximum boneness. 6 Pack Cock Ring is rippled with a ball flange for more ball lift. Bonemakers are all made of our softest, rubbery, incredibly stretchy FlexTPR three cock rings that are designed for comfortable wear and always a bigger, harder basket. All three are the right size rings for maximum stretch, we call them fuck rings because they are designed for harder play, Jacking Off JO, pumping anytime you need more grip. Oxballs goal is the absolute best design, cockrings with the best feel and cool, lush colors that fit your sex, fit you. Shockingly superior. Color Blue. Categories: Love Rings, Cock Rings, Mens Cock and Ball Gear, Cock Ring Trios. Restricted, Amazon fully Restricted. 2022. Restricted, Amazon fully Restricted. 2022.

Material: TPR, Silicone

Color: Blue

Barcode: 840215121707


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