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Weed Best Buds Enamel Keychain from Wood Rocket. This fun enamel keychain by Wood Rocket is the perfect accessory for your pocket. Display your smoke product pride! This Green Best Buds Weed Keychain looks just like a pot buds only smaller! Hang it on your key ring or give it as a gift! Oh, and please do not smoke this keychain. Check out these other Keychains by Wood Rocket: Eat A Bag Of Dicks, Fuck, Middle Finger, Daddy Paddle, Heart Paddle, Gray Butt Plug, Pink Glitter Butt Plug, Pink Dildo, Rainbow Dildo, Gold Glitter Dildo, Green Weed Leaf, Gold Glitter Weed Leaf, and High AF! Categories: Party Games, Gifts, Supplies, Adult Party Supplies, Adult Gags, Gifts and Novelties, Batteries, Storage, Odds, Ends. 2023.

Material: Enamel

Color: Green

Barcode: 785571086966


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